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A business card mobile app for popular growth hackers and viral marketing. Aimed for online and offline marketing, It contains various sharing Methods.

· Combines UI and UX
· An page contains all contents, including pages, pop-ups and controls, which is very easy to edit
· Like real mobile app, pixel perfect and motional
· Can directly be used for coding

Template Includes
· Interactive Prototypes
Admin, Visitor

· Page(Admin)
Home, Dashboard, Visitor, Message, Profile, Visitor Detail, Commodity, Commodity Detail, Article, Article Detail, Case, Video, Video Detail, Add Commodity, Add Case, Add Video, Edit Commodity, Edit Case, Edit Video, Upload Case-Choose from Article, Edit Uploaded Case

· Page(Visitor)
Home, Contact, Article/Example Detail

· Pop-up
Share, Bottom-up, Bottom-scroll, Customer Detail, Change Card Style, Filter, Alert, Copy Link, Save to Post, Tooltips, Copy link, Case Search

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