Axure Tips: 7 Tips to Improve the Efficiency of Axure


1. Rational use of Style to simplify the widgets to reduce maintenance and management costs

2. Reasonably use dynamic panel to facilitate hierarchical management of page structure

3. Reasonable use of Component to reduce repetitive works

  1. The overwritten text is not auto-adaptive and will depend on the style settings of the internal widget of the component; if there is text with different styles in a rectangle or text, the overwritten text style will be based on the style of the first character (including spaces), if the overwrite feature of the component is used, the design of internal widgets is not recommended to be simplified;
  2. Rectangle without text or image cannot be overwritten;
  3. When the master with overwritten data is detached from the master, the internal widgets will be replaced with overwritten text or images.

4. Reasonable use of Repeater for typesetting to improve work efficiency

5. Reasonably set Interactions to improve the reusability of widgets

6. Use Inline Frame reasonably to reduce the interference of fixed widgets on page structure

7. Points to pay attention to



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