Axure Tutorial: Add Interactions to Widget


This article is a section of course Axure Full Course: Tutorial, Tips and Templates.

Widget and its Event Triggers of Interaction

Cases and Conditions

Each event trigger can have multiple cases. If there is only one case, it is not displayed on the interface by default. Click the Condition button on the Interactions pane on the right side of the screen to open the Condition Builder window and edit the case name and conditions (not Required), click OK, you can see case and conditions on the right pane.

Condition Settings

As shown in the image below, a Case can add multiple Conditions, you can choose Match All or Match Any; click the New Condition or + button, you can add a new condition, click the × button to delete the condition of the row.

Case Actions Settings

Add Action

Add Style Effect

Style Effect is a style setting that changes the widget style during interaction with widgets.

Other Interactions



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