Axure Tutorial: Add Notes to Widget


This article is a section of course Axure Full Course: Tutorial, Tips and Templates.

Add Notes to Widget

There are two ways to add notes to widget.

Edit Widget Notes

Click the gear button, the Notes Fields and Sets window will pop up, click the Edit Widget Notes tab.

Edit Widget Fieldsets

Click the Edit Widget Fieldsets tab, add, reorder or delete Fieldsets on the left, and add specific fields on the right. All fields added in the Edit Widget Notes can be added here.

Select Fieldsets

On the Notes pane, you can choose to display All fields or the Fieldsets you just set.

Include Text / Interactions

Click the overflow button on the right side of the widget notes, in the drop-down list, you can choose whether to display/hide the text and Interactions of the Widget.

View Widget Notes in Prototype

After previewing the prototype, you can click the mark on the prototype to view the widget notes.



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