Axure Tutorial: Displaying Omitted Text in Repeater with Bubble Widget


In the system table, we often encounter that the content in some grids is very long. If all the contents are displayed, we will not be able to see the contents of other columns on one page. In this case, we often only display the front part of the long content. If the mouse moves in, we will display all the contents.

Features to be Realized

  1. Import text in the repeater table, and automatically display the text content on the corresponding widget.
  2. If the text is longer, only the content of the front part is displayed, and the latter part is automatically replaced with an ellipsis.
  3. When the mouse moves into the long content, corresponding complete text content is displayed. .

Widgets Setup

1. Making of table header

Interactions Setup

When the mouse moves into the content cell of ​​the table, the bubble is shown, and when mouse moves out, the bubble is hidden.



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