Axure Tutorial: How to Make 3D Motion?


In the earlier articles, I said there was no interaction that I couldn’t do, so a student messaged me and said, teacher, can you achieve this 3D effect? I originally wanted to refute her, this is 2D software, but in a fit of rage I made the 3D effect she said.

1. Drawing

Add a rectangle to the canvas, select the rectangle, and then double-click the side with the mouse to deform it.

2. Add interaction

Here we don’t do dynamic panel loop animation, move widgets when the widgets loaded.

2.1 Add the first move

Move 4 to 3, move 3 to 6, move 1 to 2, move 2 to 5.

2.2 Adding the second move

By observation, the second move is: move 2 to 4, move 3 to 1. So set the interaction, wait 1000ms, and set it as follows:

  1. When moving 2 to 4 positions, 2 should be on bottom.
  2. When moving 3 to 1 position, 3 should be on top.



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