Axure Tutorial: Introducing Axure RP Flow Diagram

1. Draw an sturcture diagram

In the planning of every website, it is necessary to draw a tree-like website architecture, and the architecture diagram can present the page level in a visual way. The website structure is defined in the Pages panel of Axure RP, and it can be converted into a tree structure diagram with one click. Open a blank page, right-click on the top-level page (index or home) in the Pages panel, and select “Generate Flow Diagram”, a dialog box will appear, asking if you want to generate standard or right-Hanging diagram.

2. Flow chart

2.1 Flow chart

Flowcharts can be used to express a variety of processes, including use cases, business processes, and web page processes. In Axure RP, flowcharts are often used to illustrate the features or processes that can be achieved on the designed page. However, Axure RP is not a professional drawing tool like Visio. Axure RP only provides relatively simple features. Therefore, when you need to draw a more professional and standardized flowchart, you should not use Axure RP. After all, it is only used for auxiliary instructions.

2.2 Flowchart Components

Select Flow from library tab. You can find various flow chart components that can represent different flow steps. If you can’t find a suitable shape, you can also use image instead. Generally, the graphs of different shapes in the flow chart represent specific meanings, but Axure RP does not restrict the use of these graphs. Generally speaking, the best rule is to understand them.

2.3 Draw a flow chart

Flowchart components can also be directly dragged from the component selection panel, and then edit styles and properties through the toolbar or shortcut menu. If you want to change the shape of the flow, you can right-click and select the item in the Change Shape submenus .

2.4 Reference page

The flow component can be associated with any specified page. Once the reference web page is specified, the flow chart component will display the name of the web page, and on the prototype, a hyperlink will be automatically established between the flow chart component and the page. From the pages panel, drag and drop any webpage into the main canvas, and a flow chart component with this page as the reference page will also be created.

2.5 Output flow chart

Flowcharts drawn in Axure RP can be output as images or web pages.



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