Axure Tutorial: Simulate File Selection and Uploading with Repeater


File uploading is a feature we often use. But why do we want to make such a prototype? Can’t Axure set text field to file type and then realize the feature of file selection and uploading? Isn’t it possible to call JavaScript code in Axure to realize the uploading feature?

Features to be Realized

How to Realize these Features

1. The interface of file selection and uploading is made through repeater and dynamic panel.

Preview the completed prototype for this tutorial

Central Content Repeater Setup

Data filling of repeater:

Type: Including Folder, Image, Video, etc. there are as many file types as there are icons.

Interactions Setup

Left Nav Bar

Top Nav Bar

Making of file path stack

So, how to achieve forward, backward and return to the upper level? We can simulate the stack in program design through repeater.



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