How to Build a Design System with Business Characteristics


1. What does a good design system look like?

2. How to effectively organize design assets

3. Establish a design system that belongs to business characteristics.

  1. Meet the rapid development and iteration of business.
  2. Quickly respond to different needs of different users.
  3. Reduce the design and development of a large number of repetitive pages and improve efficiency.
  4. Help the business to make more highlights and innovations and enhance the competitiveness of the business.
  5. The design system can work in parallel in multiple teams and will not be affected by each other.
  • The goal of monitoring platform is to monitor the operation of business at all times. The keyword is [visual];
  • The core goal of the application operation and maintenance platform is to flexibly handle a large number of change actions. The key words are [efficiency];
  • The core of security engineering platform is to ensure the safety and stability of business and personnel action. The key word is [security].

4. Summary

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