OMINI Mobile Widget Library


Axure Libraries

This prototype includes common widgets and templates(coming soon) used in mobile designing.

High-fidelity pixel-perfect
· The latest design trends and concepts are applied
· UI/UX combined, beautiful interface
· Continuous updates, free upgrades

About Author
OMINI.BASS has many years of product experience and has created a large number of Axure works, including Widget library and Templates.

This product contains 7 parts:
· Overall
· Basic Components
· Nav
· Dat Entry
· Operational Feedback
· Charts


Axure RP 9 or up

Application Field

Web, component

Download Includes

· OMINI Mobile Widget Library(.rp)
· OMINI Mobile Widget Library(.rplib)



File Size

14.3 MB


Free for Life

#axure widgets #ux design #Axure templates #Axure tutorial #Axure #Product Design & Product Manager #UI / UX / Interaction Design

#axure widgets #ux design #Axure templates #Axure tutorial #Axure



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