Understanding Axure RP 10 New Features


· New All States View to see and edit all panel states side by side
This feature is a huge improvement over other RP versions. It allows us to and edit the states of all dynamic panels at the same time. Just like the canvas in Figma and Sketch. This is a great advantage for designing the motion effect of the app. Like the following apps, you can use this feature to design the dynamic effect of APP page switching.


· Apply constraints to widgets within groups
· Ability to pin to left, right, top, bottom, middle or center
· Ability to fix width and/or height
· Import constraint rules from Sketch, Figma & XD
By adding constraints, you can limit the size or position of widgets in the group, so that when you adjust the size or position of the whole group, the properties of the widgets with constraints remain unchanged.
By importing the constraints of UI design tools, such as sigma, sketch and XD, you can combine UI and UX design, which is also the development trend of Axure RP.


· Ability to customize push/pull distance


· Ability to select widgets and automatically convert them to a repeater

Condition Builder

· Easier way to add conditions before actions


· New Error style effect and “Set Error State” action for form fields



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