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Improving efficiency is the only way to save time and cost. Building a library of product components can effectively help us solve some of the problems. Why build a widget library? — — Reduce repetitive work, make the overall style of the product more unified, and improve the efficiency of prototyping.

The concept of components has been around for a long time, and many things in our life apply the concept of components/modules. For example, the concept of Lego blocks, the multiple combinations of basic small blocks, build a completely different whole. Whether it is product, design, development, in our work, if we use the “Widget library” reasonably, our work will be multiplied with half the effort.

Basic element

Final combination


This widget library contains 8 parts, including most categories on the market.

  1. Basic components
  2. Layout components
  3. Nav components
  4. Data entry
  5. Data display
  6. Data statistic
  7. Operational feedback
  8. Expanded components


· High-fidelity, pixel-perfect
· Contains components for most usage scenarios
· Light and Dark Theme
· Easy to use and modify

Axure RP 9 or upApplication FieldMobile, Widget LibraryDownload Includes

· UXDART Mobile Widget Library Demo(.rp)
· UXDART Mobile Widget Library(.rplib)

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